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Since its foundation in 1952, Hanwha has played a pivotal role in Korea's economic growth. Bamboo Capital Joint Stock Company (BCG) is a multi-disciplinary investment company operating in such areas as Agricultural Trade, Infrastructure Development and Renewable Energy Development. Polaris also leads Seraphim's business collaboration with partners in economics, technology and raw materials with the goal of providing cleaner, lower cost and higher reliability solar products to the world customers.

Before joining Stäubli, Olivier has gained professional experience in marketing and sales for more than 12 years in the Medtec industry. Hanwha Q CELLS is a flagship company of Hanwha Group, a FORTUNE Global 500 firm and a Top 8 business enterprise in South Korea.

According to EuPD Research, the results from this year's Global PV Installer Monitor clearly show that Hanwha Q CELLS continues to maintain an exceptional market position in the leading European PV markets like Germany, France, Italy and UK. Moreover, customers in Australia also confirm Hanwha Q CELLS´ reputation as their first choice partner.” The 2017 survey for the US market, where Hanwha Q CELLS achieved the award last year for the first time, has not been conducted yet.

SIB offers the full bouquet of corporate finance services including M&As (Domestic & Cross Border), private equity fund syndication, joint venture advisory, equity capital markets (IPOs, follow on fund raising), technology transfer and commercialization advisory.

Data Collective (DCVC) led the funding round with participation from the Real Ventures, Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Fidelity Investments Canada, Hanwha Investment, Intel Capital, Microsoft Ventures, National Bank of Canada, NVIDIA, Tencent, and several of the world's largest sovereign wealth funds.

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), a state authority created by the Virginia General Assembly to better serve those seeking a prime business location and increased trade opportunities, provides confidential site selection and international trade services.

José Joaquín Muñoz Osuna, VP EMEA Project Finance of Hanwha Q CELLS, said We are delighted to announce the refinancing of the third project of our initial UK-solar portfolio with Bayern LB. Having successfully completed this transaction with Bayern LB clearly demonstrates that our close working relationship is a winwin for both companies.

Before hanwha joining PI Berlin, Steven spent eight years procuring and developing solar and wind projects in North America, Chile and South Africa for Airtricity and Mainstream Renewable Power. All three power plants were built and connected to the grid by Hanwha Q CELLS in the first quarter of 2015 and are operating under the 1.4 Renewables Obligation Certificate regime.

Based on 1366 Technologies´ kerfless, dropin 156mm multi-crystalline wafers, Hanwha Q CELLS has been applying its proprietary Q.ANTUM cell process on the pilot line in Technology & Innovation Headquarters in Germany. Thanks to Q.ANTUM Technology, our BFR-G4.1 solar modules will be able to reward this trust with power and endurance".

American Electric Power (AEP) recently qualified two business parks in the Commonwealth as prime locations ready for data center development—Roanoke County Center for Research and Technology and Wythe County Progress Park. Worked as Additional G.M since 2010 till 2015 for an Indian company into the design & development of Energy Efficient devices for Industrial applications & Auxiliary power converters for Indian Railways.

The large number of solar systems for which repowering measures would pay off are impressive evidence that it is worthwhile to invest in quality modules when it comes to photovoltaic systems, Marko Schweitzer, Key Account Manager at Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH comments.

Students can engage in work of mechanical design and manufacture, application and development of engineering software and technological economic management in processing and manufacturing enterprise, national institutions and scientific research colleges and universities after graduation.

How To Sneak Up On A Seal (And Other Wildlife Photography Tips)

I have taken many wildlife shots, but I will never forget this one story. The lighting conditions, especially on an overcast day, are pretty much guaranteed to fool your light meter so you might need to overexpose your shots - just, make sure you don't overexpose the fur of the polar bear too, especially if you are shooting close up. Pay attention to your histogram instead of the LCD screen, to make sure you aren't clipping off on the right side.

Timer: a timer mode can be extremely useful to minimise camera shake and should give you much sharper shots. In doing so, wildlife photographers not only capture the magic of Mother Nature, but they encourage humans to look beyond ourselves, to step outside of our daily routines.

Shooting in the morning and evening will ensure that when you do find wildlife, the light will be easier to work with. It may seem like a no-brainer, but to take great wildlife photos, you'll need to venture beyond your backyard. Those are my images from week two, I have lots more but I wanted to post these hoping to inspire you and try different things within your own photography.

It also lights subjects from the side, creating nice shadows and therefore texture to photographs. Look at as many other photographs as you can and try to blend in aspects you like into your work but do not simply copy other photographers' ideas. Aperture priority is the mode that outdoor photographers most often use.

The automation of modern cameras has taken away most of the technical pit falls of photography. Bring a tripod or monopod to help stabilize your camera for clearer images when you are onshore. See our Tanzania Image Gallery depicting the various tactics used while photographing in the wild.

Many hours of observation has helped me anticipate when and where the animals may be photographed. Be it specialist hides or safaris, photographing nature has become a lot more accessible. The eyes really do have it. I always focus on the eyes and reject any photos where the subjects eyes are blurred or obscured in any way.

Short shutter speeds, however, can freeze a motion, creating dramatic images of animals jumping or leaping in mid-air. Born in Africa and with a natural passion for both nature and photography, the continent provides Isak with ample opportunity to harness his passion and to share this with others.

Filters - Try putting your sunglasses in front of your smartphone or compact camera's lens on a very bright day and see if it helps improve your photos. Photographer Richard Peters was unsure of the above image, Snow pounce, when he first captured it. It was eventually commended in the 2012 Behaviour: Mammals category.

Photographing an entire herd, a single animal, a close-up of its head or just an eye - chances are it will look better if you place it away from the centre. This prepared me for the difficulties and challenges I faced when photographing an alligator in the Everglades or a river dolphin in the Amazon.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you get started with photographing Alaska's wildlife. A single lens reflex camera (SLR) is your best bet for wildlife photography, since it allows you to switch lenses and have better manual control over exposure settings.

The elephant below was photographed with a wide-angle lens and a polarising filter to give you a sense of the environment as well as to make the most of the clouds and sky. Ensure that your camera is on ‘one-shot' autofocus mode for portraits and not on ‘AI servo' mode as it can create focussing chaos.

The camera struggles to calculate what the correct exposure should be and as a result photography one usually ends up changing the exposure compensation vigorously, resulting in poorly exposed or blurred photos. In this mode YOU select both the aperture (also known as the f-stop) and ISO at which you want to photograph, while the camera will automatically select the shutter speed to create the desired exposure.

You've No Doubt Seen Or Heard Of Shadow PeopleBut What ARE They?

Shadow people are reported worldwide and since the beginning of recorded history. 10. A few years ago, Mistressofdark was sleeping over at a friend's house and had trouble sleeping. The history of shadow people dates back as early as the 600s CE. Creepy shadow people stories come from all parts of the world and are eerily similar. 5 The blackness of their bodies often seem almost opaque, as if one is looking into a "black hole" in humanoid form.

All of these cultures, though, had a common belief: these shadow people were both part of the real world and the metaphysical one In Ancient Egypt, in particular, shadow people often went and did the bidding in the spirit world for humans who couldn't reach it - sometimes for good and, sometimes, for evil.

Many people associate the Hat-man with shadow people because they're both completely black with no features. This absence of light means that we see them as shadow. Those are demons, or evil spirits and I think they don't need it as food, but just for fun or another purpose.

I have seen many of these shadow people in my lifetime, but who or what are they exactly? Shadow people are different to spirits and ghosts in that they are dark in colour: shadow is the absence of light, and so facial features, clothes and other details are generally completely undetectable.

Surely, these visions of shadowy people may very well be projections of the mind? The shadow person as an image was portrayed in the 20th-century show "The Twilight Zone", in the appropriately titled episode "The Shadow Man" 11 where a shadow person lives under the main characters' bed.

An episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone series titled " The Shadow Man " dealt with a teenage boy who had a shadow person living under his bed. In fact, there is likely a class of shadow people that actually are aliens, but simply present to us a shadowy forms as they interact with us.

Perhaps those that are more prone to seeing shadow people were born in a way that let their eyesabsorb information from other dimensions that are occurring in our same space. Neither creature had any form that could easily be discerned - they were just pitch black against an already shadowed wall.

Shadow people appear to be observers of humanity. Maybe certain types of aliens have a shadowy form that has little physical property to it other than shadow. They might be ghosts that manifest as shadows. Many of these dark entities took shadow people on the physical bodies of humans when their time was right.

In my estimation, the least malevolent of this class are simply spirits that are negative in nature. Often times the apparent motivation of shadow people is tied to their source. Military is being done because that they can take that person out they would have done it a whole long time ago.

Further stimulation (10.0-11.0 mA; n = 43) induced the same experience, with the patient describing the "person" as young and of indeterminate sex, a "shadow" who did not speak or move, and whose position beneath her back was identical to her own ("He is behind me, almost at my body, but I do not feel it"; Fig.

I don't know but there but there's actually that that in between there's for whatever reason like I've worked on and most cases for for a religious organizations in the churches and I get sent in and have dealt with a lot of these negative type these inhuman type entities that are false negative realm and I've dealt with humans are spirits and I've dealt with shadows at and and I will say though.

The smart Trick of How To Make Your Dreams Come True That No One is Discussing

Achieving success means you're able to get from the place you are now, to where you wish to be. This means that you have to clearly figure out what you would like, desire it badly enough to put in important effort, as well as keep belief and faith that the desire of yours will come true.

It may not materialize exactly as you prepare, but as long as you stick to a virtuous and moral course the right opportunities will arise. Below are the secrets to achieving anything you want.

Know exactly what you want

What is it that you would like to achieve in life? Consider what you are passionate about, and whatever you really love to do. This's an often overlooked step as it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you want. It is not difficult to tell you, "Well, I want to be rich and financially free." Yes… do not we all. The one dilemma is we haven't decided what's actually required to obtain this? Be exact about what you want. It offers direction and understanding for the targets you want to set, and offers focus to direct your attention. Unless you plan on winning the lottery, do first thing first as well as discover specifically what you would like to achieve. What are your intentions? Be specific and examine concrete measures you can take be start reaching them.

Have a strong desire

How seriously do prefer to achieve your goals? Hopefully, what you decided to accomplish is something you desire more than anything else. When you're going to have steadfast and strong commitment, you must truly and really want it. A strong desire comes from a pursuit which energizes the spirit of yours and fills Extraordinary Life your soul. Consider the why behind everything you would like? Why do you want it?….. What'll be altered when you get it?…. and just how will life be better? Ask yourself questions that will help you remain inspired and keep your vision alive.

Be ready to put in really serious effort

Reaching the passions of yours won't necessarily come easy. It is going to take genuine dedication and commitment, and you should be ready to devote the necessary hard work and effort. You need to uncover the materials necessary to make the goals of yours a reality. This may come from:

- Continually developing new skills
- Concentrating on learning and growing your knowledge
- growing and Expanding financial resources
- Building a system of collaborators
- Changing the habits of yours
- Managing time as well as priorities
- Managing stress and anxiety

Keep faith in the vision of yours

When things get hard as well as seem like there is nothing going right, you have to know deep down inside that things will come out fine. You must believe and also have faith you are going to achieve your goal despite obstacles that show up. It may possibly not happen as planned or at the exact time you expect, but eventually with precision, desire, and energy you are able to do anything. In case you are a pessimist or perhaps lack confidence in your ideas you will get exactly what you expect. Change your attitude and outlook before it drains you spirit for development and development, as well as keep faith that the time of yours for thriving and thriving will come. Irrespective the next step of yours is in everyday living, consider these four keys as inspiration and motivation. They're easy to remember and quite simple. Begin applying them when you can and emotionally absorb them in pursuit of your aspirations.

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